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We Saw the Future at ECC 2019

We Saw the Future at ECC 2019

Yes, it’s true. We can tell you what the future holds for claims management, based on what we heard at the Eastern Claims Conference (ECC) just last week. Are you ready? It’s white and fluffy and floats in the air.

Ok, not THAT kind of cloud, but the cloud IS the future. We heard this theme in the keynote session and others focused on technology. The message was clear – the sooner claims management gets into the cloud, the sooner we can all focus on the “art of decisioning”. The science is evolving so that we can move beyond task management and focus more on the sophisticated and nuanced layers of claims administration. It’s a gift of time that I’m sure many of us would welcome.

We also heard some great ideas about applying science to claims management from those on the insurtech panel (ClaimVantage, Infinilytics and The Claim Lab). There are products out there ready to use today if you want to capture and house data, and use that data to score and predict outcomes. The future is here; we just need to start embracing it.

At the Disability Roundtable session, the themes that arose included our current day challenges - communication and productivity, and how to manage claims for the best possible outcome (return to work). We heard from some in the room who are frustrated that there’s less time for critical thinking in our jobs. One person commented it’s the “claims superstars” who take the time to pick up the telephone.

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we talk about the benefits of doing just that – plus why using empathy matters – in our new e-book. While it’s not the cloud, we think it’s also what the future holds if we make time for the human touch.

Share your thoughts with us on ECC 2019 in the comments below.  We look forward to seeing you next year!