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The Cost of Non-Claim Related Tasks to Your Claims Operations

What do your claims analysts do? You hired claim professionals to adjudicate insurance claims: to determine eligibility and liability accurately, to calculate payments swiftly, and to ensure that the entire process works smoothly. You probably hired or developed the best claims analysts you could, with excellent skills, strong background knowledge, and—depending on the insurance area—specialized training; and you pay them accordingly.... Read more »

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Threads of the Tapestry – Weaving Joy and Resilience Into Our Lives

Life during COVID-19 has certainly woven threads of new challenges into the already complex tapestry of our lives.... Read more »

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The 6 Components of a Strong Workplace Culture

Culture can be easy to spot but hard to define. “I know it when I see it” you’re probably thinking. While it’s tricky to pinpoint all the factors that go into a positive culture, it’s vital to any talent management strategy in 2020.... Read more »

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