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Make the Call

SALT Associates has been studying disability claim organizations for more than a decade. Within every operation we find there are strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. However, one challenge we consistently find is the effective use of the telephone as a claimant communication tool. We strongly believe — and most carriers and TPAs would agree — that the telephone... Read more »

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Innovation in the Insurance Industry

At Salt Associates we get to know lots of forward-thinking people in our industry.  One of these is Chris Murumets, Co-Founder of LOGiQ3 Group, an innovator in insurance services based in Toronto.  We were fortunate to be invited recently to the opening of LOGiQ3’s “CookHouse” facility in Toronto. CookHouse Lab is an open-collaboration... Read more »

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Heard On the Street

We talk with claims professionals every day. Lately we've been hearing some common themes related to their business challenges. Here are a few (do these sound familiar?): STD to LTD Transition In short, integrated disability isn’t working out like we planned.  Historically, the focus was on the workflow aspects of transition.  At what point in time... Read more »

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