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Tools for Extraordinary Empathy

Under normal circumstances, the Claims Analyst position can be stressful between meeting tight deadlines, client performance guarantees, and being the direct contact for the insured who is ill, experiencing financial hardship, and struggling to understand how to navigate the disability world.... Read more »

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Recovery Roadblock Ahead — How Claims Analysts Can Help Find the Right Detours

I think we can all agree that adequate medical treatment affects the prognosis of any disabling illness or injury. But what if we learn the claimant (customer) is experiencing a “roadblock” to following through on the treatment plan? What is the claims analyst’s role in ensuring the claimant is able to follow the prescribed treatment plan? And how can our involvement impact the outcome of the claim?... Read more »

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How Vulnerability at Work Can Enhance Claims Management

When I began my career as a claims analyst, I participated in an extensive eight-week training. The trainers of this class went through the most basic of principles and taught the black and white rules to adjudicating a disability claim.... Read more »

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