5 Tips for Building a Winning Claim Management Team

Don’t panic, I’m not going to go all “sports analogies” on you. But, like any group effort such as sports, playing in a band, or acting in a play, claim management is a team activity. Real success only comes when every member participates for the greater benefit of the team. In a band, if the oboe… Read more »

Claim Management WTF (What’s the Focus)?

I don’t always like to admit it (because it means I have less hair and longer teeth), but 2018 will be my 32nd year in this business. Many of you reading this can relate and I wonder if you’ll agree with this reflection: When the New Year comes around we often see a new focus… Read more »

Early Summer at Salt

Summer has arrived here on the coast of Maine. The weather has been terrific as of late. The marinas are full of boats and the ospreys, bald eagles and harbor seals are getting fat on tremendous schools of herring and pogies.  The striper fishing has been the best in years – we’ve been told. But life and… Read more »