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Detecting Blind Spots in Your Claims Operations

Does anybody like the word "audit"? For some people, that word conjures the image of an impersonal agent rifling through files, folders, and spreadsheets, looking to find mistakes. For others, an audit is a hassle: more paperwork and more time lost on administrative tasks.... Read more »

The Cost of Non-Claim Related Tasks to Your Claims Operations

What do your claims analysts do? You hired claim professionals to adjudicate insurance claims: to determine eligibility and liability accurately, to calculate payments swiftly, and to ensure that the entire process works smoothly. You probably hired or developed the best claims analysts you could, with excellent skills, strong background knowledge, and—depending on the insurance area—specialized training; and you pay them accordingly.... Read more »

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Insurers Must Prepare for the Growing Mental Health Crisis

Around the world, healthcare providers are reporting a sharp rise in anxiety, stress, and depression. Mental health issues like these are leading causes of short and long-term disability claims. Are you ready to respond? In this article, we’ll examine the growing mental health crisis, homing in on the impact it may have on disability claim management. We’ll also share strategies for how leaders in this space can brace for impact.... Read more »

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