View from The Helm

Our "Best Of" Blog List for 2019


It's our favorite time of year - when an abundance of homemade goodies flows through the office and the smell of eggnog and gingerbread lattes wafts through the air. Our waistlines are expanding by just walking into the kitchen.

So what better way to enjoy a cookie and latte than by sitting back and reviewing a few of our most popular blogs published in 2019?

#1. Taking a human approach matters for mental and nervous disability claims. We discuss the ins and outs of conducting claimant interviews for mental and nervous claims, and how to draw on “soft skills” that are just as important as technical claims knowledge. Read more.

#2. There's something to be said for not just what you say, but how you say it. Again, we can't discount the human element of the claim. Occasionally emotions may get in the way of having a productive conversation. This post covers what claims analysts can keep in mind during claimant calls to ensure they feel respected and understood.

#3. We know that depending on the target of the joke, it can take a lot of people to change a lightbulb. In this post it's a more serious question - how many analysts does it take to manage a workload?" Here's what claims leaders should consider as they try to answer this question.

#4. Employers are seeking less tangible skills when assessing job candidates. To find the next "rock star" employee, claims managers should consider a few other skills that aren't taught in school. Here's the list of the top 5.

#5. 2019 was the year we talked about being more human at work. In fact, we wrote an "ode to empathy" and why it matters for those working in claims management. As we see it, using empathy in claims management helps to build trust and in turn can improve results. For more on how to cultivate empathy in claims management, download our e-book here.