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We talk with claims professionals every day. Lately we've been hearing some common themes related to their business challenges. Here are a few (do these sound familiar?):

STD to LTD Transition

In short, integrated disability isn’t working out like we planned.  Historically, the focus was on the workflow aspects of transition.  At what point in time do we make the transition?  How seamless is the process to the claimant customer?  What if we focused more on the appropriateness of the transition based on the merits of the claim?

Managing those PTD Blocks

With larger claim workloads in these blocks, how do you keep up?  What about missing offsets?  How do you know if a life event is impacting the customer?  Having limited resources suggets you might want to deploy the most efficient fact gathering methodology.   Here’s one you’ve heard us parrot……pick up the phone.

Who REALLY Handles Life Waiver of Premium Claims? 

It’s a life claim. No, wait, it’s a disability claim.True, but there’s no monthly benefit or check. Life claim professionals may not have disabilty claim experience. Disability professionals may have unreasonable claim workloads. Where do you put the Life Waiver claims? We think we have a good answer but it’s too self-serving to put it here.


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