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Starting Off on the Right Foot with LTC Claims

As our population ages, some of us start to seek the assistance a Long Term Care policy can provide. For those who do purchase a policy, actually deciding to put it to use can be a difficult decision. Family members may go home for the holidays and see changes in their elderly parents. Spouses may... Read more »

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Spring Cleaning Your LWOP Block

With the sound of birds returning north and the sight of early spring blooms comes the urge to get our houses in order. This also tends to translate to the workplace. For insurers specifically, it may be a good time to get caught up on reviewing those overlooked claim blocks, especially when it comes to... Read more »

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The Power of Language in Claimant Calls

As any claim professional knows, conversations about a claim decision can sometimes generate strong emotions. Given that claimants rely on their disability benefit to pay their bills, it’s not hard to understand why. What we say and how we say it can make a real difference in the claimant experience as well as the outcome... Read more »

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