“I’ll Give You a Call”

Conversing with claimants, sharing information, gathering facts and setting expectations are proven ways to improve claim management. Unfortunately, we’ve found in most organizations the telephone is used only about 30% of the time!

Here at SALT, we pick up the phone. We feel strongly that the telephone is STILL the best risk management tool you can have in your bag. In fact, we’ve developed a proven methodology that leverages the telephone interview and generates customer service and risk management results.

Our Approach

  • Our priority is treating claimants like customers. We recognize that trust is a major component of collaboration. Collaboration with claimants leads to better information and cooperation, which leads to improved outcomes.
  • We conduct the conversations directly with your claimant customers, improving efficiency for your team.
  • All calls are documented in detail to provide the analyst with a complete understanding of the current situation. Where appropriate, next steps are provided to assist with file direction.
  • We’re able to generate reports based on our conversations, providing you with medical, financial, and vocational information to measure and monitor your results.

The Results

  • Our conversations can uncover return-to-work capacity and identify people who are actually working.
  • Through our calls we create positive customer service experiences on your behalf, leading to improved customer experience overall.
  • 30%-40% of our interviews generate a risk management or customer service opportunity for your company.

Think we can help? Contact us directly about your project. Or, call us toll free: 1-866-846-7258.

“You are the most comforting, compassionate and personable person I have ever spoken with at (your company)”. -Carroll A.

“It was an unexpected delight to talk to someone who was so pleasant and helpful. I was also impressed that you could be so positive and cheerful during this major review being implemented by your office. You are a true asset to the company. Thank you for your positive attitude during this trying period.” -Kevin S.