What’s in a Workflow?

A successful claim operation is built on a strong foundation of data, consistent focus, and a solid workflow. Without this foundation, all the fancy industry theories and silver bullets are a waste of money. SALT Claim Operations Review (SCOR) focuses on the most important items necessary to efficiently manage claims while providing superior service.

SALT Claim Operations Review (SCOR) Methodology

Our methodology is built upon what is essential to the review function: objectivity, experience, and integrity. These characteristics shape each tier of the Five Step SCOR Methodology.

1. Discovery, Due Diligence and Research

We learn your organization from top to bottom, inside and out, by building a trusting relationship with the people doing the work. We align corporate objectives and day-to-day tactics through interviews with senior management, supervisors, claims analysts and support staff.

2.     Data Review & Analysis

Claim data is used to surgically address issues and prioritize activities. We evaluate data integrity, how data is used, and how reporting is generated. Internal and external reporting are compared, contrasted, and tested against industry norms.

3.     Tactical Analysis

We look at how the work gets done through shadowing, claim reviews, and mapping the paper process to the day-to-day “real” process. Our team gets in the trenches, often beginning in the mail room to uncover hidden opportunities for building efficiency and effectiveness.

4.     Business Practice Profile

Our experts compile the information and deliver a profile of your operation. This Business Practice Profile includes a gap analysis of your actual vs. desired process, and your actual vs. industry practice(s).

5.     SALT Advice and Counsel

By gaining perspective on your environment, our solutions are custom-built to fit and work for you. We focus on simplifying first. Elaborate solutions sound great, but if they can’t be implemented or they cost too much, they’re worthless. We’ll walk you through the analysis and provide guidance in implementing solutions. Our customers gain operational insight and a plan for practical implementation.

We’d like to be part of your team!  Contact us directly or call us toll free: 1-866-846-7258.