Disability Claims and the Smartphone Question

Those who handle disability claims may be familiar with the following scenario. You receive a call from a nurse or vocational specialist asking you to confirm the type of cellphone the claimant uses. If you’ve ever questioned why this matters, you may have been told that smartphone use can correlate to additional transferable skills. This… Read more »

Chronic Pain and Opioid Use – Redefining Pain Management

Working directly with sick or injured claimants offers disability claim analysts a unique perspective on the prevalence of opioid pain medications for treating chronic pain. On one hand, the use of narcotics to manage symptoms can be helpful in determining the severity of the claimant’s condition and impact on their functionality. On the other hand,… Read more »

Why Empathy Matters to Claims Management

Years ago when I began my journey into the insurance claims industry, my new manager suggested our team participate in empathy training periodically offered to employees. One of the more seasoned examiners quickly accepted, saying “I need it; I’ve become so hardened.”  As a novice claim examiner, I honestly had no idea what she meant,… Read more »