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Our Mission: Be Good People, Build Relationships, Solve Problems

We founded SALT Associates because we’re passionate about delivering thoughtful, creative and straightforward claims management solutions. Whether you’re seeking support for your group disability (LTD/STD), individual disability, group life, individual life or life waiver of premium business, we can help.

The SALT Approach

Our values reflect our New England roots. We’re “salt of the earth” people who believe in integrity, authenticity and hard work. We feel strongly that the best results come from a collaborative partnership. That’s why we take the time to truly get to know your business, then generate a plan customized to your specific claim management project needs.

Ready? Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee and Chat.

We’d like to get to know you, talk a little shop and see how we can help. We offer a free initial consultation. Contact us or call us toll free:1-866-846-7258.

A Look Inside the 2018 ICA Conference

Let’s be real for a moment. Claims management, like the rest of the insurance industry, doesn’t see much in the way of rapid change. Sure, there are external forces (healthcare, regulatory, technological) that impact what we do. But the pace of change is far from head spinning. There are also many of us in this business who have been at it for a long time. Seasoned professionals who legitimately know their stuff. So it’s no small feat to convince us to get out of the office to talk business and – gasp – maybe even learn something. The International... Read More.

Improving Claims Management in 2019

As we reach the end of the calendar year, many in our industry are reviewing their key performance metrics and looking for ways to improve. Claims management, in particular, gets a lot of attention. How well your team performs this function has a significant impact on your bottom line. Claim management organizations typically measure and monitor traditional claims management metrics in order to benchmark themselves against peers and competitors. We also encourage our clients to think about what makes them unique and how they can differentiate themselves in their product space. In addition, we encourage them to consider less claim-centric... Read More.

Disability Claims and the Smartphone Question

Those who handle disability claims may be familiar with the following scenario. You receive a call from a nurse or vocational specialist asking you to confirm the type of cellphone the claimant uses. If you’ve ever questioned why this matters, you may have been told that smartphone use can correlate to additional transferable skills. This criteria is increasingly common when evaluating claimants’ return to work readiness. However, we should be careful in determining transferable skills based on this information, and for which occupations. Smartphones – Who’s on the Bandwagon? In today’s age of rapidly evolving technology, the good majority... Read More.

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