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Our Mission: Be Good People, Build Relationships, Solve Problems

We founded SALT Associates because we’re passionate about delivering thoughtful, creative and straightforward claim management solutions. Whether you’re seeking support for your group disability (LTD/STD), individual disability, group life, individual life or life waiver of premium business, we can help.

The SALT Approach

Our values reflect our New England roots. We’re “salt of the earth” people who believe in integrity, authenticity and hard work. We feel strongly that the best results come from a collaborative partnership. That’s why we take the time to truly get to know your business, then generate a plan customized to your specific claim management project needs.

Ready? Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee and Chat.

We’d like to get to know you, talk a little shop and see how we can help. We offer a free initial consultation. Contact us or call us toll free:1-866-846-7258.

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When Customer Education Matters Most for Disability Insurance

With May comes Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), a time for the industry to reinvest in consumer awareness of an often overlooked benefit. What happens though when we say goodbye to May and the dust has settled with new disability insurance customers? An important “so what” looms: the potential use of the product, and with it a test of those customers’ understanding of how their policy actually works. Agents, benefit brokers, carrier sales reps and employers are among those responsible for education during the sales process. This is no small task; there are nuances to each disability insurance contract... Read More.

Celebrating Spring with a New Website

It seems appropriate that with spring upon us (ok, it takes a bit longer here in Maine) change is in the air at SALT. We’re excited to announce the “blossoming” of our new website – I guess you could say we’re “springing forward” into a new chapter. Ok, we promise that’s it for the spring puns. For those who haven’t been to our website in a while, here’s what’s new: a fresh new look and feel, plus updated information on our Solutions and Consulting Services, and all that’s included in those areas. With the new website our aim is... Read More.

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Finding 30 More Minutes a Day Adds Up

Let’s do the math. Looking at the standard 5 work days in a week, if you found 30 minutes of productivity, you’d add 2.5 hours to your week. If you do that for the typical work year, you gain somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 work weeks. I can hear the groans from here. Where am I going to find 30 minutes in my 7.5 hour workday? I’m already swamped. I have five meetings today to talk about all the meetings I have tomorrow. I’m no time management guru but I’m going out on a limb to offer a... Read More.

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